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Based in New York City and servicing the world, Westlinks Online is a web services company specializing in facilitating small businesses and individuals with popular open source cloud-based services.

We help to take the mystery out of getting web operations launched and get projects done quickly and affordably. We work directly with each client to gain a clear understanding of their needs and provide them with the best solutions.

The Westlinks platform is multi-faceted with lots of services and available functions. This wiki serves to document all of the features with procedures where necessary to help you understand and use the platform.


Company Centric
Westlinks Online is a "company-centric" platform. This means that although you sign in as a user, you are ultimately a member of a company. All users are related to a company, even if it is a single user. If a user has no actual company, then their company name is their personal name. This is not to exclude individuals from using the platform. It works the same whether a company has one user or hundreds of users.

No Contracts
There are no long term contracts on any product or service at Westlinks Online. All services are provided with a month-to-month payment. You may cancel at any time and use the service until the end of the currently paid period. It's simple and care-free.

Westlinks Online offers freelancer services, but we do not claim to be a full-fledged freelancer platform such as or The main purpose of our freelancers services is to allow you to have quick and easy access to expert help directly from the platform. You can grant your hired freelancer access to your assets for the duration of the job and then revoke them afterwards. It is safe, secure and fast. If you already have resources that you prefer to work with, have them sign up on Westlinks and set themselves up as either a freelancer or a member of your company.

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Key Features

Below is are links to the documentation pages of key features and shortcuts to the actual pages where these features are located on

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